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Teaching Safety to Elementary Students

It is never too early to start instilling safety knowledge and tools into your childre

It is never too early to start instilling safety knowledge and tools into your children. When we’re around our kids, we do our very best to keep them safe. However, it is impossible to monitor them every second, especially when your child is at school part of the time, maybe with a childcare worker or someone else while you’re at work.

Unfortunately, we also have to think about the dangers and scary situations our children may find themself in, and that’s why it is essential to teach your elementary-age children how to be safe.  

The Basic Safety Skills 

By now, we have all had the conversation with our children about crossing the street safely, staying with an adult at all times, and stranger danger. However, it can be tricky to talk to our kids about some of the more scary and random things that unfortunately happen in this world. 

While you hate to think about it, you need to do it, and that you teach your kids what to do if one of these situations arises. 

Body Safety 

Unfortunately, many parents feel uncomfortable and unsure about talking to their children about keeping their bodies safe. It’s every parent’s worst fear that their child will be sexually abused or molested. Talking to your kids about this will help to avoid these situations and handle them promptly. 

You should explain to your children what parts of their body are off-limits and who they are off-limits to. Explain that medical professionals may need to touch these parts during doctors’ appointments, but that they should not be doing so unless Mommy or Daddy is there with you. 

You should also teach your child what to do if someone does try to touch one of these body parts. Since you are teaching your child that it is wrong for someone to touch these parts, make sure they know that it is safe to come to tell you if something like that happens. 

Stress that it is not their fault and that they must tell you as soon as possible. 

Modern World Disaster Safety 

You may think it will never happen to you or your family, but unfortunately, in today’s world, shootings and attacks are becoming more and more common. When you think of being at the grocery store, or an event with your child, you probably aren’t thinking about something like this happening. 

The reality is, it can. It’s better to create a plan with your child so that if anything like this ever does happen, there is a plan in place to keep your child as safe as possible. 

For example, if you are at an event, and something horrific occurs, you can teach your child where to go, hide or who is safe to ask for help. If you have multiple children, you can also discuss with your child a plan to keep their younger siblings safe if this were to happen. 

What to Do If They Get Lost 

Every new place you go with your elementary student, make sure you designate a spot to go if you were to be separated. You can also discuss with your child who they should and should not ask for help in this situation. 

Final Thoughts 

While it is super scary and unpleasant to think about these what-if situations, being prepared and preparing your child will help ensure that they are the safest they can be. 

It might be challenging to talk about but do it anyway. Educating your child on what to do in these kinds of situations will benefit them by keeping them safer and will help you feel more peace of mind knowing you have given your child the best knowledge you can to keep them safe. 

The most important thing to remember when talking to your elementary student about safety is that preparedness, openness, and honesty are the best tools to keep your child ready for the unexpected and make safe choices. 


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