How to Transfer a Car After a Death

When you die, someone is going to benefit from the use of your car. Wouldn’t it be nice to decide now exactly who that person should be? You can do that today – it’s easy!  When registering a vehicle, you can designate a transfer-on-death (TOD) beneficiary, not unlike what you can do with a bank … Continued

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – Benefits and Drawbacks

Once your Chapter 7 eligibility has been determined, it’s important to consider whether the unique benefits and drawbacks of bankruptcy make filing an optimal path forward for you. Savage Villoch Law can work with you directly to understand your specific circumstances and balance these factors to help determine whether you should file. First and foremost, … Continued

Gray divorce on the rise

Gray divorce is increasing among older adults in long-term marriages in Minnesota and throughout the country. Although the overall divorce rate has dropped, gray divorces continue to be on the rise. This is likely due to an increased life expectancy, better health and more financial independence among women. Gray divorces are also three times higher … Continued

Modifications and Medicaid Waiver Can Provide a Solution

When you are planning ahead for your retirement years, you will naturally budget for expenses that are relatively easy to anticipate. The golden years can be a reward for all of your hard work, a time when you can enjoy leisure activities, travel, and cross things off your bucket list. This is well and good, … Continued

Shifting Priorities May Impact Federal Transfer Taxes

Now that we have a new presidential administration and blue majorities in the House and Senate, some legislative priorities have changed. There could be an expansion of the taxes that impact inheritances, and we will look at these potential changes in this post. Elimination of Step-Up in Basis At the present time, inherited appreciated assets … Continued

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: Can I file Chapter 7?

Chapter 7 bankruptcy can ease some of your financial burdens if you’ve fallen behind on monthly bills, but how do you know if you are eligible to file in the first place? At a high level, to be eligible under chapter 7 you must be able to show that you do not have the means … Continued

Bagelgate: Are Ray’s NY Bagels Really Boiled?

MrConsumer is a native New Yorker and knows there is nothing like a New York bagel. In part, real New York bagels are boiled before they are baked. And many bakers there claim it is the New York water that makes them special. Even the New York Times just last week said: Water has long … Continued

The Procrastinator’s Guide to Estate Planning

Estate planning is important – you probably already know this much to be true. Unfortunately, the importance of such a task does not make it any more appealing when it comes time to get your affairs in order. Nobody likes to think about their own mortality, and it is hard to feel motivated to put … Continued

Welcome to the Law Firm “Clause It” – Launching Next Week!

When entrepreneurs launch a startup, they can find dozens of high-quality , affordable online resources to create the types of documents and agreements needed to start and operate a business.  Some of the best known free offerings from biglaw firm, Orrick or payment processor, Stripe Atlas include incorporation documents and employee agreements. And many enterprising attorneys have … Continued

Hold Or Fold? How To Decide If Filing Bankruptcy Is Right For You

You’ve got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em; know when to walk away, know when to run… So goes the gambler’s advice to the young card player in the hit Kenny Rogers song. Hum along as we think about how we play our cards when we’re in debt: the hardest call is […]
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Civil Asset Forfeiture Crackdown in Rowan and Cabarrus, North Carolina, Yields $760,000

Local police in North Carolina and U.S. Homeland Security agents raided multiple video gambling businesses in two counties and seized almost $760,000 using asset forfeiture. For over a year, the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office (RCSO) received reports of alleged illegal video gambling operations in the county. There were a variety of complaints made regarding these […]

Chobani Exaggerated Protein Content of it’s Complete Yogurt

When Chobani advertised that its “Complete” yogurt products contained up to 25 grams of protein, the makers of Dannon yogurt cried foul. Here is the commercial claim in question: *MOUSE PRINT: It turns out that two of the three products shown in the ad did not have 25 grams of protein per serving. They only … Continued

Common delayed injuries after an accident

Being involved in a vehicle accident is not something that many of us want to deal with. However, car accidents happen every day in the state of Minnesota. While you may think of injuries happening at the time of the accident, some injuries have delayed symptoms that you should be aware of. Back pain A … Continued

Can Employers Require COVID-19 Vaccinations?

Following a long pandemic-marked year, three COVID-19 vaccines have been approved for emergency use and are being administered throughout the country.  On March 11, 2021, President Biden announced that all adult Americans will be eligible to get the vaccine no later than May 1. The availability of the vaccine to the wider public over the … Continued

ABA Opinion on Virtual Offices: Is It Time for the ABA to Step Aside?

Yesterday, the ABA released Opinion 498 on Virtual Law Practice.  A year into the pandemic, the ABA opinion attempts to make virtual practice seem like a big scary monster that lawyers should avoid if possible or approach with so much fear that they’re doomed to failure from the start. What a wasted opportunity.  Because if … Continued

How To Wipe Out Tax Penalties In Bankruptcy

Tax penalties seem like a further insult when you’re having trouble paying the tax itself. Everything seems subject to an additional penalty:  failure to file timely;  failure to pre pay sufficiently;  failure to be accurate. They mount up quickly, often equaling the unpaid tax. Bankruptcy can not only eliminate your liability for certain taxes, it […]
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Chapter 7 Bankruptcy: An Overview

If you are dealing with debt that has become unmanageable despite your best efforts at repayment, Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be an avenue to consider. Although Chapter 7 bankruptcy comes with its own set of drawbacks to keep in mind, it also has the potential to help you begin rebuilding toward a healthier financial future. … Continued

U.S. District Court Finds Relation Back Doctrine Applied in Truck Crash Case

The plaintiff, William Kleronomos, filed a two-count complaint against William Sackmaster, claiming negligence in causing a 2014 vehicular crash in Chicago. Sackmaster’s employer, Aim Transfer & Storage, was also sued for vicarious liability. Kleronomos uncovered evidence in discovery that Sackmaster allegedly failed “multiple drug tests,” caused several other crashes, was rehired after being fired for … Continued