The Reasons Behind the Rising Demand for Warehouse Workers

Despite the economy taking an uncertain twist, there is a rising demand for warehouse workers and many might wonder why this is happening. The latest industry statistics have indicated a strong trend of more employees being onboarded for working at warehouses. 

Who Owns the Right to AI Created Work?

While there is no set legislation that stipulates who can own copyright protections for AI generated work, this does leave plenty of room for that argument to be made, especially if an artist or creator had a heavy hand in the development of algorithms or software that generated the original work.

Beginners Guide to Licensing Your Art

Whether it’s for staging a home, helping a company design its products, or creating a design scheme for a specific product, art licensing is a growing industry that every artist should consider looking into

How To Add Copyright Metadata To Your Images

Much like registering your copyrights with the U.S. copyright office, adding copyright information to the metadata of your images will allow you to have some additional cushion in terms of protecting your copyrights.

Can Artists Sue Social Media Companies?

Under the U.S. Copyright Act, artists are legally allowed full control over their work. While the act is very detailed in who can use what when it comes to another’s work, the act largely offers artists protection and control over their work.

Teaching Rights and Responsibilities to Kids

Teaching rights and responsibilities to kids empowers them to be good citizens. Whether in their homes, classrooms, city, or country, teaching your kid about rights and responsibilities is essential.

Teaching Teenagers About Rules and Laws

Teens are the perfect age group for teaching rules and laws. They are old enough to understand how to be productive members of society when someone engagingly teaches them.

Legal Guide to Data Ownership

This article will provide a basic introduction to what data ownership means and why this is such an important issue for all of us.

Legal Guide to Bonus Pay for Employees

An employer can tie bonuses to performance to encourage employees to improve their productivity, which in turn helps the company reach its goals. When used this way, it becomes a win-win situation.

Can College Athletes Unionize?

As college athletes continue to bring substantial revenue to university coffers, the question about the potential of unionizing remains.

What Is a Conservatorship?

A conservator may have control over a person’s money, lifestyle, diet, and more. If the adult in need of a conservator lives in a home or facility, the conservator must follow regulations.

How OSHA Has Improved Safety the Workplace

Looking back over the years OSHA’s safety protocols have been shown to reduce injuries and costs without affecting employment, sales, credit or the overall business.

What legal rights do striking workers have in Canada?

Under the National Labor Relations Board in the US, their website clearly states that “employees shall have the right…to engage in other concerted activities for the purpose of collective bargaining or other mutual aid or protection.