2021: Hot Topics in Business Law

The COVID-19 pandemic is continuing to present significant challenges in our daily lives, and not surprisingly, will impact important issues in business and corporate law in 2021. From economic impacts on the global supply chain to the hobbling of certain business sectors (airlines, travel and leisure, restaurants, and other entertainment industries), the pandemic has turned … Continued

Lawyers Put In 20 Extra Work Days When Working From Home

Extra work days are not something most lawyers envision as a positive byproduct of the pandemic. But with working from home, many lawyers avoiding commutes, trips and other time-consuming business activities now have additional time to use and that is increasing both work, leisure and exercise time. With flexible work arrangements likely to remain or … Continued

Inhouse Counsel Salaries – 2021 Guide

Inhouse counsel salary data is not easy to find or consistently reported, but we’ve collected resources to help you in your search. There are many ways to compare your inhouse counsel salary or law firm salary with those of your peers, and to help you determine if you are being compensated fairly. You may want … Continued

Resolutions For Lawyers For The New Year

Resolutions for lawyers for the New Year – where to start? This year was certainly one to be added to the record books, and said books should promptly be dropped into an industrial shredder. But years such as these can help build resilience. Making it through and learning lessons can provide valuable perspectives on how … Continued

EEOC Issues Updated Employer Guidance Concerning Mandatory COVID-19 Vaccinations

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has released updated guidance regarding employers’ and employees’ rights and obligations related to mandatory COVID-19 vaccination. Mandatory Vaccinations are Permitted On December 16, the EEOC released guidance confirming that employers may require employees to be vaccinated for COVID-19, subject to Title VII of the Civil Rights Act (Title VII) … Continued

Common Resume Mistakes Confuse Recruiters

Common resume mistakes confuse recruiters and decrease your chances of landing an in-house counsel job. In addition to reading the piece from FastCompany, see the many pieces we have on the in-house counsel resume, how to prep a General Counsel resume, and much more. Legal recruiters need to be able to size you up quickly, … Continued

Justice Hijacked

The $45 Million (and Counting) Campaign to Abolish Judicial Elections and Reshape America’s Courts