What was the Obama-era Equal Access Rule?

During the Barack Obama presidency era, from 2008-2016, there were some big changes for our country. One, in particular, was Obama’s involvement with the Equal Access Rule.

Connecticut Personal Injury Guide

Connecticut’s personal injury claims follow similar laws regarding personal injury claims in other states. A personal injury claim is a legal term used to describe the legal action someone takes after they have suffered an injury because of someone else’s negligence or carelessness. Personal injury claims can be filed against individuals and they can also … Continued

The Fight to Continue Mickey Mouse’s Copyright

With the upcoming expiration of Mickey Mouse’s protections, many in the copyright world are wondering whether or not Disney will push forward in an attempt to hold onto Mickey Mouse’s copyright a little longer.

Do Pictures of Famous Buildings Violate Copyright?

Depending on what the architecture is and whether or not it follows certain rules, you will likely be able to photograph the building without having to worry about infringing on the building owner’s or architect’s copyrights.

Was the Orphan Black Show Idea Stolen?

Canadian hit drama show, Orphan Black is a science fiction show that has riveted viewers for five seasons. The show premiered in March of 2013 in Canada and in the United States on BBC America. It wasn’t long before the show built a loyal fan base that tuned in every week to follow along with … Continued

Are U.S. Copyrights Protected in Other Countries?

If you are an artist or a creator who has copyright protections over your work in the United States at some point or another, you may start wondering whether or not your U.S. copyright projections would be valid in other countries as well. Unfortunately, according to the U.S. Copyright Office there is no such thing … Continued

Who Owns the Right to Street Art?

There is no doubt that street art is a contentious subject with varying degrees of condemnation and praise—a constant debate as to whether it should be banned or legalized. A definition does not exist to differentiate between good and bad art, and it is all the same when debating street art. It comes down to … Continued