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Arkansas Passes New Anti-Abortion Law

This article will discuss the current abortion laws in Arkansas, and how it contrasts from its previous laws.

Today, abortion is still a hot topic among the public and the government. Laws regarding the use or the ban of abortion are changing consistently in varying states. A recent example of one of those states is Arkansas. 

The legality of abortion and when (and if) an abortion can be performed varies depending on each state. This article will discuss the current abortion laws in Arkansas, and how it contrasts from its previous laws.

Previous Abortion Laws

In the late 1800s, Arkansas came up with its first law regarding the use of abortion. At the time, abortion was only acceptable until the mother felt the child’s movement in her womb. Any point past that was not up for debate in terms of having an abortion. Anyone assisting in an illegal abortion at that time was charged with manslaughter. 

Over the last few hundred years, Arkansas saw a lot of changes in its abortion laws. This change of laws is not uncommon in the United States. There is often a lot of division on where people stand on the topic. 

During the twenty-first century, there was a lot of bouncing back and forth in Arkansas. The overall viewpoint on when it was acceptable to terminate a pregnancy was constantly changing.

Multiple factors came into play with each change of the Arkansas abortion law. One of the most significant factors applies to almost all states when considering abortion. Should there be exceptions? 

Regardless of someone’s stance on the matter, there are unfortunate cases of rape and incest. For a lot of pro-life people, rape and incest are the exceptions to allowing an abortion. Some do not support abortion but are also against the idea of forcing a child to carry another child.

Despite all of the changes that Arkansas saw over many years, abortion remained legal for the most part. Heavy regulations depended on the area and the circumstances. 

New Anti-Abortion Law

In 2021, Arkansas saw a new bill that changed the abortion status in the state. The AGA(Arkansas General Assembly) let a bill pass to prevent almost any kind of abortion within Arkansas. There is no exception for instances of rape or incest like there was in the years prior in this bill.

Governor Hutchinson of Arkansas signed the bill into law with overwhelming support from the legislation. 

As it stands, the new law states that nearly all surgical abortions will have a ban. Medication that induces a miscarriage in a pregnant woman will also now have restrictions. 

If a woman wishes to receive a medication-induced abortion, she must wait at least three days after her first visit to receive one.

The woman in question must also receive a lecture on the medical procedure. Each abortion clinic must now keep records of each patient who gets an abortion. These records must also state the intentions of the person getting their abortion. 


Abortion remains a point of debate among people in the country. The fight between pro-choice and pro-life has been around for over a hundred years. Regardless, there can be a lot at stake medically when performing or receiving an abortion. 

Rules and regulations around abortion are important to talk about. Governors and legislatures consistently try to balance medical safety for women and pregnant people and their moral stance on the subject. 

Under the new law, there are no exceptions for those carrying a child due to rape or incest in Arkansas. There is also now a heavy limitation on medical abortions. 


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